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Carlsbad Alternative School / Carlsbad Seaside Academy (CSA), located adjacent to Carlsbad High School at the corner of Chestnut and Valley Street, is a California public school for grades 9-12.  The high school program provides diversified instruction which meets the needs of individual students.


School-wide Learning Outcomes

Carlsbad Seaside Academy students will be:

L ife-long independent learners who:

  • Access, process and present information using digital and technological tools.

  • Prioritize, plan and take actions to accomplish goals

  • Possess attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to successfully transition to post high school academic and career plans.

E ffective Communicators who:

  • Possess reading and comprehension skills and are able to effectively communicate ideas, opinions and information in writing.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in public and interpersonal communication skills, including speaking and listening.

A rticulate thinkers who:

  • Apply their learning to real-life situations

  • Develop math, logic and reasoning skills and are able to apply those skills in a variety of contexts.

  • Engage in critical analysis and creative thinking when presented with tasks.

P roductive Citizens who:

  • Develop respect for the ideas and values of others

  • Demonstrate a concern for others through community service and a multi-cultural understanding that allows them to function effectively in a diverse society.

  • Act honestly, ethically and responsibly


To register or if you would like to know more about our program at Carlsbad Seaside Academy, please contact Jorge Espinoza at 760-331-5299 or via email at

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Use Clever to access all our technology programs, including Achieve3000 and Illuminate.  Use your DISTRICT Google username and password to login.





Use Aeries Portal to view grades and student information. Parents and students have access.  

Power Paws--Community Service

Welcome to "Power Paws" ~ a partnership to empower young learners while giving older students an opportunity for personal growth. Thank you for being part of our story.  Please sign up for the day that works with your schedule.  Sign up weekly, every other week, or once a month.  Our goal is to reinforce academic skills while fostering relationships between students.   We appreciate your time and we value your dependability.  Thank you!


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Jorge Espinoza, Principal

Please feel free to contact me:


FAX # 760-820-2680

Mr. Espinoza is responsible for school safety at Carlsbad Seaside Academy.