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9th-12th Grade Independent Study

About our Program

The Independent Study program provides an educational alternative for secondary students who have the ability, study skills, motivation, and self-discipline to learn independently under the supervision and support of a credentialed secondary education teacher who assigns and evaluates all coursework as their Advisor. 

Independent Study students may desire an accelerated learning program, a flexible schedule to pursue a career goal, or may simply learn better in an independent program with one-to-one interactions with a credentialed teacher.  Students meet weekly with their Advisor to review progress in their classes. When students need further assistance they can schedule one on one meetings with their Advisor. Students will be asked to come to campus for specific class requirements such as labs, presentations, or other assigned tasks.

Full Time Enrollment

Students that are interested in Carlsbad Seaside Academy for the 2022-2023 school year, and are not currently enrolled at CSA, should complete the request form below.  The link is for students that are interested in being a full time student.  Students that enroll full time will take four or more classes through CSA.   These students may continue to take two courses through their home high school. Students may also choose to take other courses at either MiraCosta College or Palomar College. 

Part Time Enrollment

Students interested in enrolling in Carlsbad Seaside Academy part time should complete the request form below. A part time student will be enrolled in two courses at CSA. This form is to be used for students requesting concurrent enrollment in two Carlsbad Unified School District High School Programs. Every incoming student will meet with the principal, Jorge Espinoza, to review the request and make sure that independent study is appropriate.*

  • Part Time Enrollment Request Form 2022-2023 

*CSA prioritizes enrollment for full time students (4 or more classes); therefore, filling out this form does not guarantee enrollment.