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6th - 8th Grade Independent Study

The Independent Study program provides an educational alternative for middle school students who have the ability, study skills, motivation, and self-discipline to learn independently under the supervision and support of a credentialed secondary education teacher who assigns and evaluates all coursework as their Advisor. 

Independent Study in middle school will have a at least 1 virtual class per week per subject (4 classes each week: Math, English, Science, Social Science). Students also meet in person weekly with their Advisor to review progress in their classes. Students will be asked to come to campus for specific class requirements such as labs, presentations, tests, or other assigned tasks.

Electives are not offered at this time through CSA, but students can take an elective with their home middle school if it works with their schedule (this can be discussed when enrolling).

If you are interested in attending CSA 6th - 8th Grade Independent Study for the 2022-23 school year, please complete the Google Form below, and you will contacted by a CSA administrator to meet and discuss if this option is a right fit for your student.